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Gig Review: Frances 2016

Listen to my interview with Frances:

Singer, songwriter and pianist Frances, performed at the Glee Club in Birmingham on the 15th of May 2016 as part of her first UK headline tour.

Frances support act was Liv Dawson, a stunning new vocalist who captured and maintained the audience’s attention with her beautiful voice, her set of covers and one original song.Frances has been described as a ‘one to watch’ after being nominated for a Brit award, having her songs played on big name radio stations and performing at well known festivals around the world, and all of this in the space of just one year.

Once Frances walked out onto the stage and began playing the piano, I instantly felt immersed and in awe. Her vocals were sublime and crystal clear. The melodies danced around the room and wrapped you in emotion, making you feel completely lost in the moment.

Her songwriting is reflective and all from personal experiences. Frances showed such emotion throughout each and every song. It was evident that she doesn’t just perform the songs, she experiences them, because the lyrics come from a very honest place. She sung a mixture of her well-known songs and lots of new material as well as one cover. The unreleased songs that she played are called Cloud Nine, Drifting and Say It Again. All of these songs were about different aspects of love.

Frances also switched up a popular Justin Bieber hit ‘What Do You Mean’. By slowing down the tempo and emphasising the lyrics, she gave the song even more meaning.

‘Cloud Nine’ was simply breath taking. Frances captivated the audience and engulfed them into her vision of hope that a loved one won’t ‘leave you on cloud nine’ lost in your own idyllic imagery of how the relationship makes you think and feel. ‘Drifting’ is more piano focused, compared to her other unreleased songs. Frances co-wrote this song in Los Angeles with Greg Kurstin, who is best known for his song ‘Hello’ by Adele. ‘Drifting’ is soulful and the lyrics resonated with me particularly the powerful chorus. ‘Say It Again’ stood out as a true ballad. Frances vocals switched effortlessly between quiet and angelic, to powerful and expressive. The song was written with a memorable hook in the chorus.Her more well known songs were The Last Word, Borrowed Time, Grow, Set Sail, and her new single Don’t Worry About Me to name a few.

In my opinion, Frances sounded the same in concert as on her studio recordings which is rare. She has true talent and a very likeable and vibrant personality. She entertained her audience in between songs with her comedic anecdotes and one-liners.

A truly fantastic evening, I have no doubt that Frances has an incredibly bright music career in front of her.